Sunday, 5 November 2017

Rain storm

Rain storm

Pitter patter, pitter patter in the sky,
Rain is falling down from high.
The rain is gray and crashing down,        
The rain is getting close to town.
Lightning, lightning, flashing bright,
Striking sparks all through the night.
Hail is hard, hail is rough,
But wait for snow, it’s falling fluff.

        By: Elise Shrimpton

Thursday, 7 September 2017


When my parents were young, television was one of the newest technologies in their homes. Then came video cameras, computers, and cellphones. School work has changed from writing on paper and reading books to now using ipads to write, read, study and more. We’re living in a world of iPads, smart phones, virtual reality and 3D TV’s. While these things are changing the way we live and helping us every day has been filled with technology and this is how it has always been for me. I am 10 years old and I’m living in a world with the best technology yet! Obviously things have not always been like  this. Times change quickly and new technology is being invented all of the time... Even my older sisters did not use as much technology when they were here at Waimairi, like I do everyday.

In my opinion, I think that we could be too reliant on our technology. Every day we use our phones to give us the weather, news, updates and even wake us up in the morning. We use autocorrect to correct our spelling mistakes rather than thinking for a few seconds about how to sound out and spell the word. We rely on Siri or Google to give us the answer to our every question, rather than researching the topic, asking people and processing the information and getting an answer. In a strange way, the quick way to access information has almost stopped us communicating with other people.

For example: If you wanted to make chocolate chip cookies, you would probably go to Google and it will give you more than 100 different recipes. But by making an old fashioned phone call to nana and asking her for her family chocolate chip cookie recipe, we get invited to nana’s house and we get to spend time with her and experience making the cookies together. We learn that the mixture can be too soft and may need more flour but not too much or the cookies will crumble, or that the cookies need to be placed higher in the oven or the bottoms will brown too quickly. Look at the learning and experiences I would have missed out on if I had simply Googled the recipe!

Technology isn’t always helpful. You can easily become addicted to things like - watching Netflix shows, YouTube videos, scrolling through social media photos and this can sometimes change the way you think! At school you might find a cool sport that you're interested in, but you decide not to join the team because the sport practise nights are on Tuesday... and Tuesday is when you watch Game of Thrones!!

Although you may think that it is great to not having to think about spelling everything right, to have instant answers to every question and endless hours of cat videos to watch. I believe that sometimes it can be beneficial to do things the ‘old fashioned’ way.

So, next time you pick up a piece of technology, think to yourself, “Could I get what I need without this?” and I urge you to give it a try.

Monday, 3 July 2017


Wk3. In school time we did the balloon rocket science experience with everything but instead of wool we used fishing wire and we put paper on the balloon. The balloon went faster with the fishing wire because it was smooth and had no friction. The learning was the differences and we watched a video on friction and what surface would a vehicle go the fastest on. We also did a see think wonder map. I put myself at multistructural on the rubric because I have more than 3 ideas.

Sunday, 2 July 2017


Science journal 29.6.17   - Week 9

This week we are looking at three different types of projectiles. We have made a slingshot , flipping frog and we learnt about an angle launcher.
For the slingshot we observed that when you take the feathers off the slingshot, it will go further but if you keep the feathers on the slingshot then it doesn't go as far.  We think that is because it uses a lot of drag.
For the flipping frog we noticed that the rubber band had to be really tight and the cardboard had to be strong otherwise it would bend and it wouldn't work as well. Sometimes it would also break.
For the angle launcher we observed that  at 45° makes it go the furthest and 20° is the shortest. 
Our conclusion is that the best is the flipping frog  because the most enjoyable to make and it not as confusing. The reason we didn't like the rocket as much because it is a bit complicated to shoot it but with the flipping frog you just fold it and it jumps.


20.6.17 science Journal
         Week 8
 This week we studied the Trebuchet and the Onager. We noticed that there a some differences and similarities.

Here a some similarities that we noticed while we were studying the two catapults. They both propel the ball forward, they both use fiction and thrust. We recorded this data by using a compare contrast map. We also collected some data by using a chart. While watching this I have picked up on the fact that the Onager’s arch is smaller than the Trebuchet because the Onager’s arm is smaller than the Trebuchet.

We recorded that the Trebuchet goes further because the arm is longer so it uses more forces, but the Onager has a much smaller arm so it doesn't use as much. After the Onager fires it uses torsion and swings back and forth, this creates friction when it rubs across the ground.  

My conclusion is that the Trebuchet would be better for in the olden days because it would be able to get over most of the castles easier because it swings  and the arm is better and longer.


Wk4: In week four our class did a science experiment with a catapult called the trebuchet. We predicted how far we thought it would go and then we would recorded the data. We noticed that the more weight that we put in the further it would go. I wonder what would happen if we put no weights in it. I think my data gathering is pretty accurate because we trailed it 4 times then got the average. My inferences are accurate because when we were predicting I was pretty close to the right answer.


Week 2. In week 2 we did a rocket balloon science experience. The first time we did it we used wool, tape, straw and balloons. Every single time it got all the way from the start to the end. The balloon usual twisted and turned but it always went smaller of course because it sprayed out the air so it could go forward. The learning of the week was about the forces like gravity, air, wind resistance and pushing. They are some forces that could be acting on you now. Also during the week we did a see think wonder map. I noticed that the balloon always spun around and I thought it we put paper on it it would go faster. Before we let go of balloon we had to fill in the thinking square and think what was going to happen when we let the balloon go. We also had to fill in the wonder part to. I am relational because I Know Scientific words and more.