Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The story behind my name

Have you ever discovered the story behind your name?  If you think about it  and talk to your parents, it is quite interesting.   There is a story behind my name Elise.  My mum Victoria picked my name.   Mum and dad had 2 or 3 names they liked but did not call me Elise until after I was born.  They decided this was the name that suited me the best.  

My name connects me to my family because my second aunty called her baby Elise a few years before I was born.  Mum loved it and hoped she could use it some day.  

I have a nickname Lou Lou and how I got it is a long story.  My family call me Lou Lou.  First they would call me Lisey, then  it changed to Lisey Lou, then it became Lisey Lou Lou, now it is just Lou Lou. I like my name because of the letters in it and my nickname


  1. I like the start of the story

  2. I love the way you can get words and make me feel like I'm you.

    1. That is nice of you Manisha

  3. Great job Elise that is so cool I love how you put how you got your nickname and how it went from lisey to lisey Lou then to lisey lou lou then lisey lou lou lou then just lou lou great job I love it