Monday, 16 May 2016

City kid with a country life

City kid with a country life.

Where horses talk like little Miss Chatterbox.

Where tracks lie in straight lines amongst bush and 

Where saddles slide like a slithering snake.

Where rivers stretch their skinny bodies like an endless rainbow.

Where bunkrooms clatter like a wild earthquake.


  1. That was so good Elise I love the bit that says where saddles slide like a slithering snake you are getting very creative with your writing. I love it. Keep it up.������

  2. Great Job Elise you made me have a imige in my head because you explained why.

  3. Elise that was a great story it sounds like you put a lot of time and effort into that can't wait to read more

  4. What a great read! Nice work Elise. I really enjoyed it :-)

  5. That was a really good because you discriebed it really well and made me want to read more and more and the human actions that you gave them and I can't wait to your next peace of writing