Sunday, 24 July 2016

Explanation of stereotyping

Stereotypes are mean and sometimes racist. They can put down people and offend them. I think that it's nasty and unfair. It needs to stop. Let people think, feel and believe what they want.

 Here are some stereotypes. Girls like pink and dolls. That's so mean how would you feel if you were told that. Sad,different and weird. Would you want to be that person. I totally disagree because my dad loves pink and I think dolls are scary .

Right here's another one. Only old people do Aqua jogging. I really disagree because anyone can do it.Yer sure lots of old people do it but stereotypes like that should not stand in anyone's way from doing what they want.

Here is a second one. Boys only like black and blue. I disagree on that because my favourite colour is blue. Some boys like pink or purple. That is totally fine stereotypes are not real don't listen to them.

Overall I think anyone can think, believe and say what they want it is their choice   


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