Sunday, 11 September 2016

If sugar was healthy

Mum! Can I please have a lolly? Okay I think you all know the answer. NO.  Every time sugar skims pass our lips I want it to be like crunching into a healthy carrot. I think the world would be a better place if sugar was healthy for you. So if you took a bite of a lolly it would be as healthy as a bite of a vege.

Because sugar is unhealthy, you can't go down to the dairy and buy heaps of lollies. You can't eat them all in one night because there is this little voice inside your head that says “They are unhealthy, they are unhealthy, they are unhealthy.” 

Also you go to the supermarket with your Mum or Dad you ask them if they can buy a bag of lollies to share with the family at home that night.  You know they will say no. They're not good for you, they are full of sugar, they will rot your teeth. So whenever you ask for something with sugar in it your parents will always say “It is not good for you,  it is bad for your body.” There is always a little voice inside your own and your parents’ heads telling you not to eat sugar.

When you are at home and it has been a long school day 
you try again. “MUM! Can I please have a lolly?” “I told you in the supermarket and in the dairy, they are bad for you, they will rot your teeth, they’re unhealthy for your body, full of sugar.  Ok? You know what the answer is so I am not going to tell you.” (NO) 
Let's fast forward into the future…. when sugar is actually healthy for you. Now just imagine coming home from school and mum's answer is not no, no, no it is yes, yes, yes! Because sugar is now  good for us.  In this future world we could have lollies for breakfast, ice cream for lunch and donuts for dinner!  Just imagine.

Now you’ve started to imagine what the future could be like munching away on lollies, without the disturbing little voice inside your head bothering you all day,  no  worries about rotting your teeth, no fears about sugar being bad for your body.  You can just relax and enjoy the sweet, delightful, yumminess of sugar.

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