Monday, 24 October 2016

Discovery reflection

The activities I have enjoyed doing the most over the past two terms were cooking and box construction. My personal favourite was cooking.  A challenge I encountered during Discovery was when kate and I were making banana smoothies together. We came to a problem, we had run out of bananas and blueberries so all we had was ice cream and milk.  I overcame this problem by having a brain wave - we got to work, blending up the milk and the ice cream and mixed it into the smoothies that had the fruit in it, so that they tasted all the same.A skill I learnt during discovery was to improvise with what ingredients I had. That was also a challenge.

In discovery time one of my key competency challenges was taking turns with the glue gun and using the blender.  
I found that a challenge because I like to have things first so I can get my work done first. How I overcame these challenges by moving to a different part of my project and letting people have a go first.

During discovery a key competency I have got better at was planning ahead. One example was when me and Kate were going to make smoothies at discovery.  We had to plan ahead first so we went to the library at lunch and  started planning. First we got a piece of paper then we got a pen after that we got a ruler. When we were all ready we started planning what fruit we were going to use and who was going to bring what. I know that I am better at it because when we made the smoothies we both brought the right things.

Overall I feel confident for the next time I make a smoothie because I will know what to bring and how much of what. I am very excited for term 4 discovery. 

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