Sunday, 11 December 2016

My person

Okay this is a problem, a big big problem, I am going to describe this horrible, horrible person. She has curly, ginormous, dark brown, bouffy, afro hair and she's quite big and round.  Her eyes are small but her mouth is big. The way she walks is so slow and her shoulders are slouched over like a little old woman. Her scream haunts in my head at night as she sounds like a very unhappy 3 year old yelling as loud as she can. Don’t even get me started on her clothes, nah they are not that bad. She wears dark dark black, smooth long t.shirts, tight tights and ripped old checked slippers. 

 As you know the person that I am describing is horrible. She pulls the finger at people and she pulls big chunks of ear wax out out of her ear.  Her ear wax is squishy, dry, crumbly, chunky stuff.   She lives in an old, dark, smelly cottage. She hangs out with small, loud, fat people. 

She uses horrible language. She says “Shut up” “Go away you idiot” “You're stupid”  “Dumb, I hate you” and then she pulls the finger. Her voice is so high pitched and she is so so so so loud, it sounds like a roaring lion. 
After every sentence she speaks, she pulls the finger at the person she is talking to. People say she is crazy and inappropriate. A very important belonging to her is a model of a naughty finger also known as f!

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