Sunday, 26 March 2017

Responsible citizen

I think I am at extended abstract because i can pick up rubbish and know why. You pick up rubbish so we can have a clean environment and animals can not choke.
 I can also be a responsible citizen by helping others and tell them what to do.So if they were a prestructural I could help them get the skill to get to unistructural.

I can improve by being responsible citizen inside and outside of our community.
I also can help by being a helpful bystander. A helpful bystander will stop the bully or take the victim away.I can also encourage other people to do the same as me. I can also be a responsible citizen for many other things like…

Picking up rubbish is helpful for the animals health so they don't choke and die.
helping the environment is important to keep it clean and have a happy place.
being a role model is great so people do things right and the world is a better place.
looking after people is awesome to make sure they are safe and feel okay.
we need leaders so everyone knows what to do.

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