Sunday, 2 July 2017


20.6.17 science Journal
         Week 8
 This week we studied the Trebuchet and the Onager. We noticed that there a some differences and similarities.

Here a some similarities that we noticed while we were studying the two catapults. They both propel the ball forward, they both use fiction and thrust. We recorded this data by using a compare contrast map. We also collected some data by using a chart. While watching this I have picked up on the fact that the Onager’s arch is smaller than the Trebuchet because the Onager’s arm is smaller than the Trebuchet.

We recorded that the Trebuchet goes further because the arm is longer so it uses more forces, but the Onager has a much smaller arm so it doesn't use as much. After the Onager fires it uses torsion and swings back and forth, this creates friction when it rubs across the ground.  

My conclusion is that the Trebuchet would be better for in the olden days because it would be able to get over most of the castles easier because it swings  and the arm is better and longer.

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