Sunday, 2 July 2017


Science journal 29.6.17   - Week 9

This week we are looking at three different types of projectiles. We have made a slingshot , flipping frog and we learnt about an angle launcher.
For the slingshot we observed that when you take the feathers off the slingshot, it will go further but if you keep the feathers on the slingshot then it doesn't go as far.  We think that is because it uses a lot of drag.
For the flipping frog we noticed that the rubber band had to be really tight and the cardboard had to be strong otherwise it would bend and it wouldn't work as well. Sometimes it would also break.
For the angle launcher we observed that  at 45° makes it go the furthest and 20° is the shortest. 
Our conclusion is that the best is the flipping frog  because the most enjoyable to make and it not as confusing. The reason we didn't like the rocket as much because it is a bit complicated to shoot it but with the flipping frog you just fold it and it jumps.

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